Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nintendo Did it Again!

For those who still don't know, Nintendo Wii took over the gaming world with selling more than 2 million consoles for less than 2 years. It's a console that lets you play games and solve puzzles on a TV screen. Wow, you might say!! That's internet domain name new. What's new though is you don't have to lay your fingers on any console pressing buttons. You play that by actively doing what you would be doing if you were engaged in the game for real.

If you go playing Wii golf you would swing the wireless control just like a golf club (don't ask me which number, I'm not that much into golf). You can train your shadow boxing skills while your computer-animated character beats the heck out send text msg an opponent all around the ring.

Honestly, when I first saw on Youtube a review of the Wii I couldn't wrap my mind around it. It was like science fiction. The most incredible thing I had seen before that was a pistol I shot ducks with on my old Nintendo console. I still remember the goofy dog collecting them (I couldn't shoot it no matter how many times I tried)

And just when I thought Nintendo reached their peak... Nintendo Wii Fit came out with their version of my bathroom scales - wii fit balance board. It is actually a very sophisticated pressure-sensitive device. In fact it will measure your weight right away and when you input your age and height it will spill out interesting statistics about your BMI (body mass index) and whether you are overweight for your age or not (but do not take it too seriously).

Next interesting thing about the balance board is that it will tell you your exact center of balance. Why do you need that you might ask. Well, there are tons of challenges with the Wii Fit where you will be moving your character using your very center of balance.

Balance games are one of the four core elements of the Wii Fit the other three being Yoga, Building Muscle and Aerobics. All of them are using the balance board in different ways.

I have written articles for each one of them. Go and read them through and most importantly - have fun!

For more information on Wii Fit, tricks and cheats and tips where and how to buy one visit

Either Microsofts sense of humor has gotten almost British in its sophistication and dryness, or this is the worst promotional video Ive ever seen in my life. Yes, worse than their Songsmith video. Im beginning to think Microsofts marketing department really is a thousand monkeys with a thousand high definition cameras. Or are we being punkd?
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